Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Instant homelessness - just a movie for now

Those glancing from their office windows may
have figured that Los Angeles' homelessness
problem was growing faster than anyone thought.

Overnight, a vast homeless encampment popped up
at one of downtown's busiest intersections.

There were tents, plastic tarps and old shopping
carts stuffed with clothing, bottles and cans.
They lined all four sides of the intersection of
Hill and 4th streets, next to the city's high-
rise district.

But this was one encampment where no homeless
people were allowed.

The street scene was fake. A film crew built it
as a backdrop for "Southland Tales," an
independent feature-length thriller that depicts
Los Angeles on the brink of social, environmental
and economic disaster in 2008.

In my talks with friends and acquaintances, I note
that most folks have that deer in the headlights
look when the topic of The System comes up.

Others like the producer of "Southland Tales"
probably have a pretty good idea of what will
eventually happen. Dunno. I'll have to see the

Even others are busy as one-armed paper hangers in
a Texas windstorm offering up new rules to fix the
rules that didn't work since the first rule was put
on paper, making new enemies/rule breakers every
day. (See the next post I'll be making for an
example of the results.)

Doesn't it look to you like this last group and
their enforcers are made up of psycopaths and
zombies? Have we been invaded by aliens?

Very few will know why it turned to shit when it's
all over.

Think about it.

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