Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another distraction seen thru

In the long run, Fitzgerald and his deputies are
only distracting people from the bigger picture
of the inherently criminal and destructive nature
of the state in all its activities by giving them
the false impression that government somehow
punishes its own deviant behavior through some
legalistic mechanism or other. Government is
itself a weapon of mass destruction, that’s it’s
whole reason for being, and it will finally cease
being the weapon of mass destruction that it is
only when it completely and totally destroys
itself, which can only happen by a combination of
the consequences of its own misguided fiscal
recklessness and a critical mass of Americans
being educated in the benefits of individual
freedom, as opposed to slavish welfare dependency
on some central government authority. I suspect
that the former will happen first, subsequently
rendering the latter an utmost necessity for the
sake of preserving what little will be left of
human civilization.

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