Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Predators

If the Twentieth Century proved anything, it is
that the single greatest danger to human life are
the thugs of the centralized political State, who
extinguished more than 170 million souls during
the bloodiest rampage in recorded history. By any
rational standard, modern States are the last and
greatest remaining predators – and that the
danger has not abated with the demise of
communism and fascism. All Western democracies
currently face vast and accelerating escalations
of State power and centralized control over
economic and civic life. In almost all Western
democracies, the State chooses:
● where children go to school, and how they will be educated
● the interest rate citizens can borrow at
● the value of currency
● how employees can be hired and fired
● how more than 50% of their citizens’ time and money are disposed of
● who a citizen’s doctor is
● what kinds of medical procedures can be received – and when
● when to go to war
● who can live in the country
● …just to touch on a few.
People who believe that the State can somehow be
contained have not accepted the fact that no
State in history has ever been contained.

[My emphasis]

I have no doubt about that. Bank on it.

Based on the man's last sentence, have you made
your plans yet?

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