Monday, December 12, 2005

Fooling fools

But fooling fools, the description of government
functioning since government was invented, by
design of using force instead of reasoning,
cannot stop the increasingly obvious results of
force-based human actions. Each war and all other
contradictions are eventually resolved, by design
of contradictions, therefore proving the fools
who created and supported the wars and other
contradictions, as fools who are therefore simply
useless for the advancement of the human
phenomenon. For how long were the Germans,
Egyptians, Japanese, Romans, Incas, British,
Huns, Russians, Khans, Aztecs, Ottomans,
Americans and thousands of such institutionally
defined fools fooled into believing that their
power-based empires were invincible?

I'm sure most Americans who believe in empire and
know its history think they'll get it right this


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