Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Looking again at The Shell Game

Nonetheless, the notion of the American taxpayer
saving a company with a large and quick fix has
pretty much gone out of style and has not been
repeated since, with the exception of loan
guarantees to airlines after 9/11. Even though
General Motors Corp. and its rival Ford Motor now
face serious financial straits, both are
studiously avoiding public condemnation by
spreading their aid requests widely among many
types of government policies.

Taken together, however, the components of their
wish list would cost tens of billions -- far more
than Chrysler ever dared to seek.

Once the billions are acquired, it will soon be
forgotten. How would anyone then find it all in
the Biggest Shell Game on the planet?

Just add it to this big pile and wait.

First the fools regulate the piss out of the auto
industry then the latter run for subsidies.

Can you see the connections/consequences here?

At whose expense?

Now, empty your pockets, citizen.

See how they run. Many blind mice.

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