Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Interview with Kurtzweil

The future is exponential, not linear, and yet
virtually all government models used to track
future trends are linear. They actually work
quite well for one year, two years, maybe three,
since linear projection is a very good
approximation of an exponential one for a short
period of time -- but it's a terrible one for a
long period of time. They radically diverge,
because exponential growth ultimately becomes
explosive. And that is the nature of
technological evolution.

Interesting guy. Got his shit together.
Recognizes patterns well.

A little too positive for some visitors here.

I expect he's also right in most things...if the
center holds.

But as things get more exponential, the center is
is irrelevant and forgotten.

Was it ever there? Did it ever exist?

Full interview.