Friday, January 27, 2006

Why not herd?

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To learn effectively, it is necessary to become
conscious of the reality feedbacks in which we
are involved and to think reflectively upon the
changing maelstrom or flux of which we are
‘part’. If we respond blindly to our instincts or
to culturally conditioned ‘rules’, we remain the
slaves of those memes. Our social outcomes will
be the result of the mass actions of many
individuals responding blindly. Humans advance in
direct proportion to the degree that they become
conscious decision-makers. Up until that point,
humans are the slaves to blind forces...

Fear and arrogance are the great mind-killers.
Fortunately, humans have a natural curiosity and
an inclination to act optimally in what they
perceive as their own best interests. It is the
place of wisdom to harness these natural
propensities to improving the lot of humans in
this strange land. Crushing exploration, or
forcing sullen conformity to more blind rules,
will not advance our situation.

As we learn, we must understand that ‘the’ rules
are changing all the time.

Without changing rules we remain tied to
repeating patterns, while our population ever
grows to the point of eventual breakdown.