Sunday, February 05, 2006

That sleeping 800 pound gorilla...

Anyone who has not yet figured out how the
Internet - whose nature is to decentralize the
flow of information - is helping to dismantle
political power structures, might want to
consider the comments of Daniel Mason, co-founder
of the British blogsite "Blair Watch." Speaking
on Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now!" radio program,
he addressed the status of the reporting of the
memo that allegedly confirms George Bush's
statement, to Tony Blair, of Bush's desire to
bomb the Al Jazeera television station. The
British government has threatened prosecution,
under its Official Secrets Act, of those who
might be inclined to publish the contents of this
memo. When asked, by Goodman, if he would be
willing to go to jail if he came into possession
of the memo, Mason responded that there are some
400 bloggers who have agreed to publish the memo
once it is available. Should that occur, he
added, "it [the memo] would instantly be spread
around the internet so fast, it would be
impossible to pin down one particular person to
prosecute. The theory is if enough people publish
it, then the Official Secrets Act is useless,
because where do they start?"

Make that number 401. I'm volunteering.

Even tho I don't think much of the memo or its
importance, it is important to me to show
"authority" how powerless it is.

Have you done your part today? By the way, nobody
said you had to do anything.

I don't live in Britain and I'm not a Brit. How
would they prosecute? Anyone knowing even a little
about jurisdiction has to be laughing hysterically

They have no idea what the net will do to Them
wherever on the planet they find Themselves.

Warms my cockles to think on't.

Now you can think on't.