Friday, February 03, 2006

The Big Energy Hole

If the goal of the Bushies is autarchy in
energy, well, that is unlikely. But that's not a
real goal and our fake oil man of a president
knows that. If the goal is lots and lots of
gummint contracts and subsidies for everything
from ethanol to hydrogen fuel cells, well, that's
very likely. Eye on the ball. It is not some feel-
good green agenda here at work. Nor even is it
really an excuse for more war (they've got far
better ones). It is contracts for well-connected
companies, contracts to research and design
things that will likely never work, contracts to
squander money like there is no tomorrow. It is
the Republican way of transferring wealth, from
those who don't have much to those have a lot
more, something the GOP has always been committed
to and has always been very good at.

Billions have been spent on nuclear fusion and
not one watt has been put into the grid. Producing
ethanol is a net energy loss. This last is what
your pols do best, suck the energy from you, no
matter where on the planet you live.

Doesn't that bother you more than a little?

Had this attempt at production been done
by business, it would have gone bankrupt long ago,
affecting only the stockholders.

But you're all stockholders in bummints' failed
ventures...the list is long.

Which party was responsible?

I don't have a clue. Why would it make a fucking

"Political tags - such as royalist, communist,
democrat, populist, fascist, liberal,
conservative, and so forth - are never basic
criteria. The human race divides politically into
those who want people to be controlled and those
who have no such desire." --Robert A. Heinlein

Now I suspect very few can see the connection with
what Heinlein said and what I've just written.

Now I'm going back to my cave.

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