Monday, March 06, 2006

Kicking the Matrix

Earlier this year, a series of news reports
revealed that the government’s tax enforcers were
applying disproportionate pressure on the working
class and the working poor. It turns out,
extensive audits showed, that quite a few
backyard auto mechanics, diner waitresses, and
clock punchers of all sorts weren’t reporting all
their income.

Well now. Don't that beat all.

Nothing new about that. Been goin' on since before
the Fall of the Roman Empire.
A typical case cited in the campaign involves a
scheme promoted by Ernst & Young that used
foreign currency transactions to eliminate taxes.
Others involve setting up off-shore companies and
creating partnerships to redefine income as
business expenses. Another class of cases is more
famous now: people who have credit cards from
offshore banks where taxes do not exist. This is
said to be the easiest means of avoiding taxes,
and up to 2 million Americans use it, so of
course it must be smashed.

Made illegal, yes.



Now you can join the fun that the other 2 million
Americans have, a debit card without requiring any
Social Security Number or name, usable in ATMs around
the world along with many other privacy tools.

Check it out. (link fixed, I hope. Let me know
in the comment section, please.)

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