Thursday, March 09, 2006

Statist agitprop discussed

The State has perpetually enabled its concubine
media to pump up the propaganda well for the
furtherance of its own cause célèbre, and why
not? The general masses – otherwise engaged in
nighttime sitcom snigger, video things-go-boom,
and unremitting mall-hopping – have provided a
fertile ground for sowing the seeds of a cerebral
takeover by the US Politburo.
Ancient civilizations, such as Rome and the city-
states of Greece, encouraged persuasion through
learned debate and argumentation. Plato,
Aristotle, the Sophists, and Cicero certainly
differed in terms of their thoughts on the
usefulness and role of persuasion. However,
decision by persuasion, in those times, was of a
different sort: more often than not it involved
the rigorous use of enlightened techniques as
opposed to shoddy sloganeering to fulfill instant
psychological needs.

History shows us how much more successful that
was, doesn't it. Where are Rome and Greece when
you need 'em? [/sarcasm]

How do you debate with power? Isn't that like
debating with the guy holding a gun to your head?

Modern media pop psychology has emerged as a
herding technique of men over mice. The
propaganda of soft-and-fuzzy war mutilation
stories is a means to an end, the end of which is
the stiffening of resolve in the face of an
unjust and immoral war. Hence do the atrocities
of war receive a warm spin. Those in the public
hear these stories and they come to believe that
if the soldier himself can find purpose in death
or devastation, then they too must give in to
popular song, and oblige the media masters in
their quest for obedience to Leviathan.

Amen, mice.

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--This has been another Zombie Alert brought to
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