Sunday, March 26, 2006

War, ego and the hunter-gatherers

The lack of evidence for warfare is striking.
There are no signs of violent death, no signs of
damage or disruption by warfare, and although
many other artefacts have been found, including
massive numbers of tools and pots, there is a
complete absence of weapons. As Ferguson points
out, “it is difficult to understand how war could
have been common earlier in each area and remain
so invisible.” Archaeologists have discovered
over 300 cave prehistoric “art galleries,” not
one of which contains depictions of warfare,
weapons or warriors. In the words of the
anthropologist Richard Gabriel, “For the first
ninety-five thousand years after the Homo sapiens
Stone age began [until 4000 BCE], there is no
evidence that man engaged in war on any level,
let alone on a level requiring organised group
violence. There is little evidence of any killing
at all.”4

Why would there be? That was BG, Before
Government, the cause of war.

If you can overlook the Borg-like attitude of the
author while calling "ego" a destructive force,
this article is interesting. After all, what could
have been Borg-like in hunter-gatherer societies?

Now the ones that came after...? oh, yea.