Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The controlling concept, Power

We do not pay sufficient attention to the fact
that statists are less interested in either the
substance of their specific “problems,” or the
merits of their proposed solutions, than in
retaining and aggrandizing control over the lives
of others. We spend far too much of our time
giving credence to statists’ issues by making
reasoned or empirical responses to their
proposals, and too little time addressing the
underlying power ambitions.
Though some of
their fellow travelers doubtless care about the
merits of the policies, the statists’ principal
concern is to advance a tenable case for
extended state control. I am not suggesting that
their proposals go unchallenged, but that we
understand them as fungible expressions of a
deeper need for power. [My emphasis]

As the man says, it's all about power over
everyone whether you're minding your own business
or not.

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