Friday, May 12, 2006

Your government hard at work

Refining corn ethanol results in a net energy loss.

Figgurs. Everything our "friends" in the Halls of
Power do yields a net energy loss. Yes, ethanol
production is subsidized and promoted by them.

Dumber 'n dirt.
Ethanol backers foresee vast vistas of corn
fields churning out feedstock for the clean-
burning fuel additive to run millions of cars in
the United States, the world's largest consumer
of energy.
CEO Warren Staley of food distributor Cargill
said last week the industry should focus first on
food, then fuel.

"We have to look at the hierarchy of value for
agricultural land use: food first, then feed and
last fuel. Today we are providing subsidy to fuel
uses while often erecting barriers to new food
and feed technologies," Staley said.

Once you read the article, you will be able to
tell which companies are getting the ethanol
subsidies and which aren't.

I hear that donkey braying again and I see myself
in my garden plot with my wooden hoe, wearing
my burlap sackcloth.