Friday, June 09, 2006

Bank on this

Don't think you're the only one who is worried
about where the United States is headed. Listen
to this guy:

"America ... [is going] down the tubes, and the
worst part is nobody knows it. They're all in
denial, patting themselves on the back, as the
Titanic heads for the iceberg full speed ahead."

No one can claim the person who said this is a
nut or a radical either. He's Andy Grove, the man
who built one of America's great New Economy
companies--Intel--as quoted by mainstream
journalist Fareed Zakaria in the current issue of
Newsweek. When people like Andy Grove are ready
to tell the whole world that the United States is
headed "down the tubes," it's time to act so you
can protect yourself and your family.

Highly recommended. No bullshit there.

Read carefully.

Then read it again along with the link within.