Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Freedom Paradox

Tyrannical, intrusive government enlarges the State, but it simultaneously weakens it. Many empires have collapsed under their own weight, from over-expansion and too many obligations. Big government is like an athlete on steroids, but for the long-term viability of the State, less is more.

How so? Smaller government reduces the capacity of the State for waste, fraud, and abuse. The people are then more inclined to trust it more, and to give it their allegiance. Also, the State would have the ability to marshal more resources when they are really called for.
I can't argue with that. Can you?

On the other hand, the history of The State is that
it grows til it destroys itself with its growth. Small
government advocates are fighting a losing game
if history repeats itself this time.

See it all.