Monday, October 02, 2006

New zombie poll results

A USA Today/Gallup poll conducted September 15-17 reveals that an astounding 42% of Americans believe that the current drop in prices at the pump are the direct result of manipulation by the Bush administration.
It is simply "astounding" to believe that the Current
Weasels in Charge could bring so much power to
bear, irrespective of what 42% believe.

Laughable even more so than astounding.

Beliefs are everywhere, as common as raindrops
in the tropics, dripping from the leaves.

Now consider this chart showing the fall of all
commodities prices, including oil. Looks like a
meltdown to me. By the way, that chart shows a
classic five leg up Elliot Wave formation followed
by a crash. Doesn't that scream deflation?

Imagine attributing that much power to a passel of

Enjoy the circus.


P.S. I'll write more about Elliott Wave a little later.