Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The bald-assed truth

I know something that very few—almost none—of the previous generation did. Forget all the political and philosophical divisions and false distinctions that we're accustomed to thinking about. An early intuition I once had, that libertarianism is not an ideology, but the absence of one, was correct. Differing ideologies simply provide differing excuses for government behavior that is always the same.

In the end, you can't get around it.

Government is about stealing.

From the august federal level down to the petty criminals who run whatever city you live in, It's [sic] about stealing and absolutely nothing else.

So if you're a Republican, a Democrat, a Green, or a libertarian mini-statist, what you're admitting to the whole world is that you're a thief. You're admitting to your neighbors that you want to steal their money, their houses, their weapons, their jewelry, and their children.

You're admitting that, if they won't cough up in a manner that appears comfortingly voluntary, you'll send your thugs (because you lack the balls to do it yourself) to beat them up, kidnap, or kill them.
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