Monday, October 09, 2006

Yet another magnetic motor claimed

We are routinely producing with our EBM Power Plants several kilowatts well over unity without any pollution and emissions whatsoever! All our EBM Plants are scaled for manufacturing from 1.5 to 225 MW. Who said we cannot save the environment? OPEN HOUSE AT THE LAB IN BUDAPEST - In October and November 2006, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm - Come and see for yourself what you can read in the Certification! / This technology is non-nuclear, 100 % environment friendly with zero emissions. Being environment-friendly, this technology has several other very important additional features as follows:
  • The average 1 kilowatt-hour electric power costs 75 % to 80 % of most local tariff rates at 65 % load factor (appx. 5,700 hours use per annum); The pay-back period of invested capital is less than 4 years!
  • The power plant can be commissioned within a very short time after the order is placed.
  • The average turn-key-cost of the EBM Power Plants is less than 2,000 USD/kW depending upon the MW size of the plant; This includes fuel for 40 years!
  • With the inexpensive and clean EBM electric power, and heat energy, the production of hydrogen for fuel cells is highly competitive or the production of nitrogen for fertilizer, or desalination of sea water can be economically implemented. With the torque produced by EBM Units, large ships or locomotives can be directly driven!
Too good to be true? Neither one of us know that yet.

This unit is billed as an over unity device. See what
Wikipedia says about that.

Then see what Tom Bearden says about it.

Check the unit out.

Ripped from kellynet.