Thursday, November 09, 2006

Notes on Amerika's future

As for me, though, I continue to struggle with the apparent contradictions of American "culture" as it enters the late stages of monstrosity. On the one hand, America — or the United State, at least — is trying not just to retain but even expand its foreign empire. On the other hand, and a limp-wristed hand it is, many of the white Americans who are still willing or able to have kids seem determined to twist them into the most ruined kind of pantywaists. (Make that tattooed and nose-ringed pantywaists.) Can a nation of pansies really run an empire? Rome, in its ultimate degeneracy, had to rely on barbarians to do it, with consequences that are famous.

Perhaps I need to seek a new synthesis. Here's a possibility. A nation of men who were truly manly and women who were truly womanly might be less likely to support, and serve, an empire transparently dependent on deceit, scare-mongering, and (not to put too fine a point on it) sheer wickedness. At the minimum, true men and true women surely would not abandon their spouse and children to volunteer for an evil, criminal enterprise at the behest of the pissant Bush and the big spiders behind him.
Bush will eventually go.

The big spiders will stay.

The pansy population will go up.