Saturday, November 11, 2006

What to do...

Put any 5 people in a room to discuss "how to take
Amerika back", you get 5 different plans to do it.
Never did understand what that cliche meant.

Did they ever have it? Who are they? What will
they do if they get it, install a new bunch of tax
collectors? Sheeeit. Take it back to when?

When Amerika really hits the fan, I expect
there'll be a passel of idiots holding a meeting to
find out what to do about it, pickin' their noses
and scratchin' their asses.

Then some of these Dull Sparks will grab their
rusting shotguns and pitchforks, hitting the
streets in an attempt to do it.

Just so I'm on record saying it, I don't like it any
better than they do.

I just know there's nothing to do but let it die
from natural causes and start all over without
the collective scratching and picking.

It's terminal.

Let creative destruction do its work.

Then pick up your own pieces because you won't
have the energy to pick up anyone else's.