Monday, December 04, 2006

First World Government junk bonds on the way

There's been talk around the net that the
European bummints are in good shape.

All very conventional and predictable.

"Some one of them has to have it right," goes
the refrain. "Our Gods are not dead. We will not
let them die."

The Delusion lives.

The reality:
What a large number of even the more educated US Dollar bear-and US financial crisis expectation camp however do NOT seem to be aware of is the global nature of the problem. It is completely wrong to assume, for example, that the Euro or the British Pound are inherently ‘hard’ and healthy currencies that would provide protection from a plunging US Dollar. It is not known by most, that in fact the majority of the Western ‘developed’ world and not just the United States is facing national bankruptcy shortly ahead, and that this has been officially predicted by the world’s leading rating agency, Standard & Poor’s.
US, Germany, France and UK face junk debt status

Expect all this much sooner than predicted in the

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