Friday, December 15, 2006

There went that damn cat again...

"Typically, the Treasury reports the budget deficit on current accounts basis. That's why Treasury announced recently that the 2006 federal budget deficit was going to be $248.2 billion. But it is a gimmick," Williams claimed.

"When we see the Treasury report on Friday we are probably going to find out that the real 2006 federal budget deficit is more like $3.5 trillion."

Williams predicts, however, the mainstream media won't report it.

"It's not the type of news Reuters, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal like to broadcast to investors and the American public," he said. "Besides, the financial press won't take the time and effort to analyze the figures and comb through the footnotes. The report is going to be released on Friday and most financial reporters aren't accountants."

Why the huge discrepancy between the two figures?"
The United States is bankrupt," he insisted. "With less than one-tenth of the actual deficit being reported each year, a cumulative negative net worth exceeding $50 trillion has built up in stealth to where the total obligations of the U.S. government are now more than four times our annual gross domestic product.
...old news for regular readers here.

If a corporation practiced this kind of accounting
the Board of Directors would be in the slammer.

Who regulates the regulators?

Watch the Biggest Shell Game on the planet unwind
along with The Others.

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But the Circus must go on even though the lions
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