Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Big Lies just get bigger

Big government requires big lies — and not just on wars but across the board. The more powerful government becomes, the more abuses it commits and the more lies it must tell. Interventions beget debacles that require cover-ups and denials. The more the government screws up, the more evidence the government is obliged to bury or deny. The government becomes addicted to the growth of its own revenue and power — and this growth cannot be maintained without denying or hiding the adverse effects of government power. Likewise, rulers become addicted to prestige and adulation — and these often cannot survive honest accounts of their actions. Lies have propelled Leviathan’s growth.
Kamin’s Third Law:

"Combined total taxation from all levels of government always increases (until the government is replaced by war or revolution)."

This seems to go with the size of
the lies.

There also appears to be implied in
The Big Lie argument that smaller lies,
i.e. smaller government are what’s
necessary for “reform”.

Now read Kamin’s Third Law again.

I see a hamster treadmill in man's future