Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Distracting Abstractions

But how can the truth be so hard to see? Why do people evade the nature of reality? And why do libertarians have such a hard time trying to reach people with the so simple yet beautiful idea that aggression is wrong? The truth is that aggression isn’t only wrong – it also doesn’t work. So why do libertarians so utterly fail to bring the light of truth to this world of darkness?
Could it be just because they're calling
themselves libertarians or is it because
most people think they can avoid that
aggression against themselves?
...The world isn’t complex unless we try to understand it at higher levels of abstraction. If we try to understand how “the world” works, we’re in trouble; if we try to understand how “the country” works, we are in as deep; if we try to understand how “the city” works, we might be able to figure out parts of it. But the truth is that nothing of this is complex – the apparent complexity is created when we force ourselves to see the world in abstractions rather than as individuals acting.
...particularly the Granfalloon known as

See it all.