Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clearing the air...again

The US got closest to a free market between 1870 and 1913.

In 1913 it all went to shit. (Possible book title for someone.
Feel free. I doubt I'll do it.)

The world has never seen a fully free market, contrary to
what you hear from pols and Talking TeeVee Heads.*

Before 1913 there were no income taxes, no drug laws, no
Federal Reserve bank, no world wars, and the business
regulations came in a small booklet.

That was then.

How do you like The Other Economy so far?

P.S. I'm really not a fan of 'the free market' per se.

It's Just Another System.

But I am a fan of watching and participating in a free-wheeling
manner, seeing the results without wondering when The Man
gonna show to piss on my parade.

That means I have to be tolerant of the peaceful activities
of others in order not to set a precedent, calling for A Law
allowing them to come for me.

Probably some day, somewhere, we'll see it.

Promote by doing...

...til The Man joins ya.

*Now there's no end of muddle-headed fucks parroting this
drivel calling "failures of the free market" when in reality
it's the failure of the force-based mindset found throughout
The Would-Be Controllers of All That Moves or Not.

Very pious of them, to put it politely.

I'm beyond confident that Ma Nature's going to kick their
collectivist asses into the next century.