Friday, October 05, 2007

Leaving Liberty

Richard Rieben was a frequent commenter on this
blog for a long time before he died.

Here he is again.

Back from the grave and shining.
Those who have, through historical duplicity – not innocent misunderstandings – attained power over others, in violation of the sovereignty of each human being, are loath to part with such power, or even to acknowledge that their power is illegitimate. They will go through many intellectually convoluted and dishonest rationalizations to prove the legitimacy of slavery, supported by intellectuals, religions, and academia, but, ultimately, it is “proven” at the end of a gun.

They know (and most of their subjects also know) that the state does not hold power by virtue of any rational or moral argument, nor through the “implied” consent of the subjects, but only by means of force. Those holding power strenuously avoid openly revealing this “final argument,” but, in the end, that is all there is or ever has been – for any state authority.
If you're happy with all that, you're fucked because
the end result will roll your socks down.

Good luck.

You're going to need every little piece of that you
can collect.