Friday, February 08, 2008

Who's Been Goosing Goldilocks? America & The Myth Of Free Markets

The author is supremely articulate...he also knows the
difference between capitalism and the free market.
Prior to central banking and credit-based capital markets, commercial markets were not dependent on credit. They were free markets, unaffected by the spigots of credit and debt. Free markets operate without the artificial stimulation of credit-based money; free markets respond to real needs and real demands, not to the incessant need of bankers to indebt society in their drive to enrich themselves - a drive that produces individual profits in the short run and collective economic ruin later.
The solutions being proposed by central bankers increasingly resemble those of retreating armies - feints instead of advances, bold proclamations betrayed by flaccid follow-through, all obviously concocted on the fly in the face of unexpected crises. The central bankers’ limited arsenal of rate cuts. is clearly inadequate regarding the rapidly evaporating liquidity of credit markets.
Today’s so-called free markets are not free at all. Today’s markets, especially in the US, are being manipulated in order to keep them afloat.
There is much debate as to how this will all end. While the particulars are unknowable, the end is not. The collapse of paper-based paper currencies and speculative credit markets is certain. Only the time is not.[My emphasis]
Highly recommended.