Monday, March 03, 2008

A desperate attempt to save the system

When you introduce perversities into an economic system, they invariably end up expressing themselves as distortions. The economy that evolved the past two decades, driven by the perverse securitization of wishes and frauds, will now express itself in a stark cratering of American living standards. Incomes and jobs will vanish, massive quantities of stuff will collect dust on the WalMart shelves, the fragile infrastructures of daily life will go to shit, and there will be political hell to pay. Every attempt to avoid a straight-up workout of our massive losses, will represent another layer of perversity and more consequent destructive distortions.
You can expect plenty of that last medication, just
treating the symptoms while the disease continues
to run wild in a vain attempt to preserve The System.

Massive amounts of wealth soon to change hands.

Highly recommended.