Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now that you've got your plot of land, donkey, and wooden hoe...

SUCCESS comes to the man who so works that his efforts will bring the most and the best results -- not to the man who simply works hard. It is the know-how, things-to-do-with and economy that count. Labor-saving machinery has revolutionized many a trade and industry. It has made farming an industry and a science of possibilities undreamed of and unattainable a hundred years ago. But it is not enough for the modern farm to be equipped with the best tools and machinery that shops and factories turn out, to know how to use them and keep them in repair. There are many handy devices, not made in any factory and not sold in any store, that every intelligent man can make himself, which save money and labor and time. Inventive men are constantly contriving simple but valuable things to meet the needs of their own practical experience. We are all the time hunting after and gathering these ideas. Now we are putting a lot of the best ones into this book. We are trying, by words and pictures, to explain clearly just how to make each device. Everything described is tried and practical. Some are old, many are new, all are good for the purpose intended. They represent the practical, successful experience of farmers and other wide-awake workers all over the United States.
...published in 1910.

I've made a folder and saved all 10 chapters on my computer.

You're on your own, as always.

Note about saving those chapters:

Using Firefox 2, right clicking each chapter selecting
'Save link as...' gave me files that came without
illustrations so I then opened each chapter in a new tab
and did 'Control + s' on each one which resulted in files
with illustrations.

The Book.