Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fred to save country

At least eighty percent of the electorate lives
in blank medieval darkness regarding any matter
of public policy or history. They might as well
vote on the incisions needed in cardiac surgery
as try to govern themselves. [So instead they vote
for some other idiot to do the job. --jo] Poll
after poll shows that even graduates of America’s
pathetic Halloween universities (where the young
disguised as students are hornswoggled by
mountebanks disguised as professors), which means
most of the universities, do not know who fought
in WWI, or within a century when the Civil War
took place, or who Galileo was. These are the
better informed. The rest barely know what
century they live in.

Unalloyed ignorance is not an obvious
qualification for governing, despite all

Only two possible reasons exist for universal
suffrage, both bad. The first is that if you let
idiots vote, the Democrats will sometimes be
elected. That is, it is a sort of affirmative
action for the Democratic National Committee;
this is perhaps slightly more desirable than,
say, price supports for hemorrhagic tuberculosis.
The only good thing that can be said about
Democrats is that, when they are in power, the
Republicans are not.

The second reason is that, in principle, the
idiot vote will keep idiots from being maltreated
by the bright. It does not, however, keep the
bright from being maltreated by idiots, who are
far more numerous. They run the schools, for
example, which is why students often can’t read
after twelve years.
Reflect how we choose today’s candidates. They
are either useless gigolos like John Kerry, or
pampered drunks inflicted on the polity by Texas
in revenge for the Civil War. If they are not
unmitigated brats, they have worked their way up
in politics. This means that they began as second-
rate lawyers, attached themselves like ticks to
some party or other, and spent thirty years
learning to lie, steal, manipulate, and suck up.
Politics is a sieve eliminating the honest. It
assures that you get what you don’t want. When
these moral flatworms are finally nominated for
The Big One, they know crooked dealing. It’s all
they know. How much sense does this make?

The bright are never maltreated for long. They
just leave the scene or take power until the whole
planet is paved in idiots.

It is.

Now what?

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