Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Strong encryption for dummies

In close to a month of testing, Ciphire Mail
performed almost perfectly on computers running
Windows XP and Mac OS X version 10.3, with
Outlook 2003, Eudora and the Thunderbird mail
clients on the Windows box, and Eudora and
Thunderbird on the Mac.

Setup was a snap: Just download and install the
client, choose which e-mail addresses you want to
associate with Ciphire, enter a password, and the
application sets itself up.

Working with the program is just as simple. When
two people using the Ciphire client exchange e-
mails, the client intercepts e-mail right after
the Send button is pressed, and before it leaves
the computer. The recipient's security
certificate is retrieved at the Ciphire
Certificate Directory, security checks are
performed, and then the message and any
attachments are encrypted with the recipient's

Be sure to read the whole article and the manual
to avoid minor glitches.

I haven't used it yet.


The problem here is how do I know my private key
is secured on my machine since there is
communication with a central server when Ciphire
is used? How do I know my unencrypted message
doesn't end up in their files?