Sunday, May 22, 2005

Uzbekistan - uncovering the bullshit

This is why the United States government – not
Russia, not China, not the various thugs who loom
large in the pantheon of thuggery for a moment,
then are quickly forgotten – is the main danger
to liberty worldwide. Precisely because its
leaders raise the banner of human freedom, and
then dip it in blood, soil it with every
imaginable crime, and carry it into battle for
reasons that have nothing to do with their
professed ideals, Washington stands in the way of
the realization of human freedom everywhere. This
is why we oppose America's foreign policy of
global intervention – not because we don't favor
the liberation of foreign peoples from the
shackles of whatever tyranny besets them, but
precisely because we do favor it. We realize,
though, that the interests of the American state,
qua state, can only drive it to betray and
actively sabotage the very ideals of "freedom"
and "democracy" it pretends to export.

The Dreams of Empire always trump any other dreams,
don't they.

But underneath, these 'dreams' are really only about
remaking the world in the image of The Empire of
the Moment. They're only excuses for agrandizement.

A very god-like attitude.

If you can't baffle 'em with bullshit, whack 'em
good and hard.

How many times have we seen it throughout history?

If you want to find out what this has to do with
Uzbekistan you'll have to read the full article.