Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The date? Around 1914. Wilson is president.
To arouse the public, the administration turned
to propagandist George Creel, head of the quasi-
governmental Committee for Public Information.
Creel deployed an army of orators called the
"Four Minute Men," who bullied their way into
local theaters, civic clubs, churches, chambers
of commerce, and other public settings to deliver
"patriotic" speeches extolling the
administration’s war aims.

The purpose of this pestilential horde of herd-
poisoners, Creel explained, was to build a "war
will" in the American public. Between May 12 and
21, Creel’s cadres harangued the public on the
subject, "Universal Service by Selective Draft."
Writes Fleming: "As often as possible, the word
‘service’ was substituted for the harsher
‘conscription.’ It was a word that blended nicely
with the ideals of progressive reform that had
swept the nation in the decade before the war."

Just another in a long line of worthless pricks
deciding how you should 'serve' them.

Had enough yet?

If the answer is 'yes', learn how to say 'no' and
make it stick.

The rest of the meat.

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