Friday, June 10, 2005

The Grand Illusion and the results

"Democracy" is but one of the many lies we keep
repeating to ourselves in an effort to believe,
in the words of Voltaire’s Dr. Pangloss, that our
self-destructive society represents "the best of
all possible worlds." Democracy is the illusion
that you and I, combined, have twice the
political influence of David Rockefeller, and
Americans cling to this illusion as fiercely as
Linus does to his blanket. Despite their
insistence upon this principle, the will of
voters is no more a central feature of American
politics than it is in any other regime. If the
electorate was permitted to exercise a truly
effective control over the state, voting would be
declared unlawful. Statists share the sentiment
expressed by a pro-EU French politician who,
after the voters rejection of that constitution,
declared that this issue was too important and
complex to be left to the electorate – who could
not understand the intricacies of the
constitution – and should be left to the
professionals who knew what was best!
The impending collapse of our politically-
structured world just might take with it the
structured mindset upon which it has been built.
And within its rubble may be found the remains of
the secular religion "democracy," whose
catechisms are today preached from academic
cathedrals and the media. In that day, perhaps,
our archeological descendants may search the
debris for an answer to the question our
generation is too terrified to ask: by what
justification do men and women organize to
inflict violence upon their fellow

Not one in a thousand could take a test, answer
that question or look at each violation to
determine whether each was or was not aggressive

Welcome to a violent world.