Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A big good 'ol boy club coming unglued

Two thousand-five was a bad year for Bilderberg
and its future looks gloomy. Herculean efforts to
keep their meetings secret in Rottach-Egern
failed miserably. Bilderberg's grief is the free
world´s glory—and hope for further restraining
the power grabbers in the dawn of a new millennium.

If you read the two parts below covering that soap
opera that poses as the Ultimate Organization of
Control, you should be able to see that they've
lost control just as they've lost their secrecy.

They're living in the past.

The world has passed this huff-and-puff, stuffy
attitude. While they were huffing and puffing some
unknown force blew their own house apart.

It's chaos out there and even tho most of these
players won't publicly admit it, the planet's running
on its own steam.

What a wild ride it's gonna be.

Part I

Part II