Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Living in a Kleptocracy

What does klepping consist of? The most blatant
theft is the forcible taking of incomer(sic) from
labor and capital. The taxation of produced
income, produced wealth, and peaceful and honest
exchanges, is theft. It is theft because human
beings are created morally equal, and so any
imposition on others creates an immoral master-
slave relationship. Any use of force on peaceful
and honest human action is morally evil. Any
forced taking of labor, the products of labor,
and the income of labor, is slavery and theft.
Whether it is a private thief or a gang of thugs
or a club of kleptos who call themselves
"government" does not affect the evilness of theft.
Thieves, thieves, countless thieves! The dozens
of taxes and uncountable regulations are
instruments of kleptodemocracy and klepitalism.
The social symptoms are poverty, unemployment,
congestion, and pollution. The worst of the
disorder is that folks afflicted with klep don't
even realize it. It is the opposite of a
hypochondriac, someone who mistakenly thinks he
is ill all the time. The kleptochondriac
mistakenly thinks he is morally right to steal
the property of others so long as it is done
under the rubric of government.

The cry of "greed" brings the kleptocrats scurrying
from their dark hiding places, like cockroaches
looking for something to dine on.

Yo, Kerouaced. Take note.

The essay.

Via freeman