Saturday, June 25, 2005

IRS fucked

“As a former investigator, I know what a cover-
up is. I can smell a cover-up,” says Banister. “I
haven’t filed [taxes] since 1999. I know what
could happen, but I’m not fearful. All I want is
for the government to answer the [legality]
questions I posed in my report.”

“The IRS doesn’t debate the tax law in the
public or through the media,” replies the IRS’
Weller. “We present our case in court where we
have had a 100% slam-dunk success rate against
frivolous arguments.”


I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house
down...and Joe does. Many others will just quietly
pull the bricks out.

Even the "venerable" New York Times picked up the

Whether or not the IRS appeals is irrelevant as
regards The System. Folks gonna bail out of it by
the thousands. Won't take much to bring it down.
Joe Banister Beats I.R.S.

Former IRS CID Special Agent Joseph Banister
Acquitted of Tax Fraud And Conspiracy

Cheers, Joe.

See it here.