Saturday, June 04, 2005

Washington Is the Source of Terror

The real terror Americans experience comes from
their own government. Indeed, consider the terror
the accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, and its
85,000 worldwide employees experienced as a
result of the Gestapo tactics of federal
prosecutors. Prosecutors used a stupid jury and a
weak-minded judge to convict an entire accounting
firm for the actions of the few accountants who
handled the Enron account. It was completely
clear at the time that whereas a case existed
against a few individual accountants, no case
existed against the firm itself. Arbitrary and
capricious prosecutors grabbed power. The
American public was so whipped up in a frenzy
over Enron that it didn't care whose blood was
spilled. Just as someone had to pay for 9/11 –
even if it is our own troops and tens of
thousands of innocent Iraqis who had no more to
do with 9/11 than the U.S. troops who are losing
their lives and limbs – someone had to pay for
Enron. So the prosecutors destroyed Arthur
Andersen, one of the top 10 companies in the
world ranked by market value and one of America's
greatest assets.

Now the U.S. Supreme Court has reversed the
conviction. The highest court says Arthur
Andersen was not guilty. But how do we bring
Arthur Andersen back to life and restore the
reputations and careers of its many thousands of
employees? Federal prosecutors effectively
executed the firm and destroyed the highly
valuable asset.
[My emphasis]

Looks like a plague of locusts is sweeping the

First, Arthur Andersen in the US then Yukos in

This says nothing of all the smaller companies who
have been fucked by the same plague. You won't
hear anything about them. They just quietly
disappear into the night.
Don't expect Bush, who admits no mistake, to
make restitution for the criminal actions of his
Department of Justice (sic). The remedy is a
civil suit by all the partners and employees of
Arthur Andersen against the U.S. government for
damages. I think $1 trillion is a good number. It
is a figure demanded by justice. And it will
serve the cause of peace by bankrupting the
warmongering Bush administration and applying the
brake to Bush's wars of empire.


Thanks to Robert.