Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Argentine Tango, Italian style

"ROME (Reuters) - Italy should consider leaving
the single currency and reintroducing the lira,
Welfare Minister Roberto Maroni said in a
newspaper interview on Friday."

Hilariouser by the minute.

Politicos Italianos don't like the discipline of
Der Euro. Can't sayz I blame 'em. On the other hand,
they're full o' shit, with or without it. Looks
like the Big E is in deep do do. Can't live with
it. Can't live without it.

Ye who are about to die, I salute you.

The rest of you real Italians are in for some fancy
footwork, dancing around the piles of excrement
left by your Glorious Leaders.

Don't feel alone.

So is most of the rest of the planet.


An Italian friend of mine says Italians are now
partners with the state carrying a 65% tax rate
but their underground economy is huge so we can
say many have elected to dissolve the parnership.



Via L. R. White