Friday, July 15, 2005

Demonizing VS Deifying Dreamers and Dissidents

I suspect "we the people" have unconsciously
aped the foibles of more primitive human
ancestors, additionally separating contemporary
dreamers and "shamans" into opposing classes -
the few who happen to be born into ruling
classes, VS the many who aren't and who are
therefore likely to come into conflict or
disfavor with the rulers of the day by
questioning or disputing the "authorities." The
former have the power to throw the latter into
jail or discredit them, and the complacent herd
learns what the "authorities" wish them to know,
through schooling and news media, and through
control of the "higher professions," and
increasingly the lower ones. The herd is kept
corralled by means of regulation and law
enforcement, threat and intimidation,
imprisonment and punishment, tethered by reins
disguised as purse strings, and spurred by the
invisible rider that rides relentlessly upon all
of our backs. Oddly, few seem to object to the
elephant rampaging over America's population even
as we try to hide from it like so many ants under
a carpet.

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Via Eric's Grumbles Before the Grave.