Saturday, July 23, 2005

Utopia vs. Liberty

Rieben gets out his scalpel...
The monuments of the past are the golden calves
of organization, validating the fairy tales and
demonstrating that, through coercion, we can
create the wonders of the Roman Empire and all
the other empires and kingdoms – palaces, parks
and productions. The achievement of cooperative
monuments are not predicated upon similar social
goals nor enforced association, and do not create
such things. Freedom has no monuments or
spectacles, aside from such prosaic things as
office buildings, jet liners, electricity and
indoor plumbing.
Utopia rules this world in the same way that the
Golden Calf does. The Golden Rule counts for
nothing stacked against the Golden Calf; a
contract of man's rights counts for nothing
against the fairy tales of utopia. Our endeavor
upon this planet derive from the fairy tales that
we are taught about life by our societies, and
all of these are utopian by the nature of our
coercive sociopolitical base – we have no other
history on this planet. Liberty is not utopian;
it is the absence of utopia. And this flummoxes

...and so most go for the sizzle of Empire/Utopia
until there is no more steak. It's built into the
majority mind-set and plenty of past examples

Fuckin' hamsters.

A fine read.