Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A look at a polite region of the planet

Guns bad, gun laws good, confiscate guns, put
gun manufacturers out of business, and let’s all
live happily thereafter, crime-free. Right? –
Wrong, my dear friend, dead wrong.

That’s what the Bolsheviks did in 1917 when they
usurped power. They confiscated guns, then turned
Soviet Russia into the bloodiest tyranny in
history. They had a nicely-worded Constitution,
not unlike the U.S., they were a “Democracy” –
tens of thousands of “people’s representatives”
to the Soviets (People’s Councils) were at the
helm of the legislative and executive power, and…
they used mass terror, wiping out about 40
million of their own people to keep the rest in

Let’s look at another country, Switzerland.
Tourists are astonished to see citizens carrying
military rifles in public, especially at the time
of a rifle competition, Schuetzenfest (shooting
festival) in town. You may see men and women, old
and young, even children as young as 12, carrying
rifles over their shoulders on the streets, right
past the police stations. (Make no mistake of
trying this at home, in the U.S., as a trigger-
happy police SWAT Team, with helicopters, night-
vision scopes, and armored vehicles will be
called upon you.)

Neither do the Swiss go mucking about in other
countries making the world safe for Swissness
or any other concept.

Why the fuck is minding your own goddam business
so hard to do on most of the rest of this whirling
ball we're stuck to?