Sunday, July 24, 2005

A political test - revised

I've seen this political test taken by numerous
bloggers and the results proudly shown so I thought
I'd make my up own results. Fuck tests. I ain't
proud about just plain facts. Here they are:

My political profile

Politics is for idiots but not this idiot.

Social Issues: Don't have a one.

Personal Responsibility: 100% for everything I do.
The Universe or the guy next door don't give a
shit how I make out. Only my cat does but even he
knows how to feed himself if I'm gone for a spell.

Fiscal Issues: Handled...daily. So far as I can
figure I gotta live to eat and vise versa. Rarely
boring. Routinely necessary.

Ethics: Don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you.
Probably the beginning of a fine and profitable
friendship. If not, moving on.

Defense and Crime: A two part question, assholes.

Defense: Again, I'll handle my own or die trying.
It's cheaper and a helluva lot more effective when
you do things yourself, something my pappy taught

Crime: ...don't bring home very tasty bacon.
I might get a bullet between the eyes...or the
other guy.(See response to Ethics)

Now go forth and make up your own responses.