Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Tee Vee

"You watch television to turn your brain off and
you work on your computer when you want to turn
your brain on." -- Steve Jobs, co-founder of
Apple Computer and Pixar, in Macworld Magazine,
February 2004

Self-serving but true.

While I never watch TV anymore except for a very
few good movies and a few documentaries, this
"Turn-off-your-TV" propaganda is becoming
politically correct talk.

Why am I turned off of this PC talk?

Because I see it turning into a "mass" movement?


I estimate there's one born every minute, mass
movement that is.

Now my crystal ball shows me some silly sombitch
in the back of the room standing up again and
howling at some future date, "Yea, there orta be
a law."

Nah. Leave the zombies happily porking out on
Fritos and diet Coke in front of their teles.

Do you honestly think it's a good idea to bother
a feeding zombie?

Read all about it.