Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Bottom Line

After a flurry of hits, I find that John Lopez and drizz
linked to this post.

But I've been upstaged by another Visionary
Philosopher, Bill St Clair...
"We aren't going to get anywhere. Individuals
are going to get there. One at a time they will
realize that politics, that the state, that the
concept of a group of people, no matter how
large, having any control whatsoever over the
peaceful choices of another group of people, no
matter how small, is wrong. And they will stop
cooperating with it. They will stop paying taxes.
They will stop voting. They will stop obeying
police officers. They will stop submitting to
registration or licensing of any kind. They will
completely ignore all legislation. And they will
start shooting and stabbing and hanging and
otherwise eliminating anyone and everyone they
can't avoid who attempts to control them."
-- Bill St. Clair

I don't know what they might do, but I know what
I have done and continue to do: Many of these
things and more every day.

I find a number of friends previously politically
oriented to one side or the other coming to
similar conclusions.

No one will be shit on forever except someone
already dead.

Pass this on, boys and girls.