Wednesday, November 30, 2005

If you ain't part of the herd, you're nuttin'...soon to end

Forget hydrogen, solar, wind and all the other
alternate energies. (Yea, I know they're all
workable now and quantum space hasn't been tapped...
or has it? [Big site. Use the search engine there
to see what I mean. This url's being added under
Tapping the Quantum vacuum below.]
Here the reader's assessment is as good as
anyone else's. After more than a century, the
standard Lorentz-regauged Maxwell-Heaviside
equations have been so ingrained in electric
engineering thought, that it has become an
accepted dogma which everyone accepts without
question. To use an appropriate phrase from
Einstein, it is as if we "imbibed it with our
mother's milk." Behind the scenes, of course,
there are also very powerful financial interests
— which Winston Churchill just loosely referred
to as the "High Cabal" — with some trillions of
dollars per year of income involved. These groups
do not wish the present energy science and
technology changed into something dramatic and
cheap such as "fuel-free" electrical power
systems extracting their energy from the vacuum.
The decreed "progress" in power systems for the
future has already been decided, and it is fuel
cells and the more difficult hydrogen technology.
This will keep the environmentalists off the
cartels' backs, and allow them to show "progress
being made to clean up the biosphere."

This "High Cabal" has little to say about it. Once
a few small producers start selling their product
to neighbors and friends, the "Cabal" is without
The bottom line is that it's still all about
money and power, and "who's going to be the big
monkey." Primate dominance is still one of the
primary motivating forces in humankind, including
in scientists and the scientific community.

The Big Monkey...?

Not any more.

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection
can flip off this monkey and go off on his own.

It's a horizontal world now. The monkeys will be
left screeching in the veldt.
Why Don't Scientists and Engineers Develop Power
Systems That Extract Our Electrical Energy Freely
from the Vacuum?

As stated, they simply cannot obtain funding to
do the research and get it done. They cannot
teach it, for it would not be allowed. Further,
if they try to do it on their own, they get no
funding, their papers are refused publication,
and their peers destroy them. Eventually they
will be lucky to be employed in a fast food

"Funding" here means getting money thru bummint
(from the tax-sucker) and if you're not yakking
the party line, whatever it happens to be at the
moment, you're on the outside.

What does that tell you?

Don't bother when you're innovating. Look
someplace else for funds.

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