Monday, November 28, 2005

The wages of stupid

How will people who have become too wide to pass
each other in a shopping aisle factor against the
retailers need to provide maximum product in
minimum space? How will such people manage to
press and riot after goods when they can’t get
through the aisles? Who are these people? Gerry
Springer’s children have inherited the Earth.

Surely some of you who studied physics and
related sciences must still remember some of what
you learned. Some memory of the various theorems
must still be lodged in the fatty portions of the
brain’s pressboard. Extrapolating out in my own
eccentric manner I must ask you; what is the
cultural result of ‘stupid’ imploding? What
happens when you become increasingly less well
equipped to deal with ever more sophisticated
requirements for existence? What happens when all
of the sophisticated devices are manufactured for
the purpose of entertainment and convenience
alone? What is the factor of ipod volume to
vehicle speed as it relates to your crossing the
street for a Big Mac family pack?

If these people are having children what are
they teaching them? What’s dinner like at that
house? Where did Attila come from? It seems that
in every time there has always been a barbarian
horde of lean-muscled and hungry fighters forming
in some wasteland far away from the splendored
streets of Rome and… somehow they found their way

...especially when Rome is looking for more new
enemies every day.

Isn't that what empires do best?

Full rant.