Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Circus is Back in Town

Do you ever wonder why motion picture actors and
actresses play such central roles in addressing
the "issues" that the political establishment
would like you to mistake for important
questions? Such people are as well paid as they
are because they have honed the skill of
pretending to be whom they are not, imaginary
characters performing in scripted, make-believe
situations. In a word, they are professional
illusionists, just the sort of people upon whom
political systems depend.
But the outcome of the voting is irrelevant to
the interests of the establishment that is
running the circus. Their system owes its
existence to the insight offered by the greatest
of all circus masters, P.T. Barnum: "there’s a
sucker born every minute." Millions of Americans
will confirm this observation in November, as
they stumble into voting booths across the nation
to reaffirm their commitment to the illusions
upon which the destruction of their lives and
wealth depend. And these same people will proudly
advertise their foolishness to their neighbors
and coworkers by wearing lapel stickers reading
"I voted," a message reminiscent of the high
school stunt of putting a sign on a guy’s back
that said "kick me!"

But there is some hope to be drawn from the fact
of the continuing decline in the rate of voting.
For whatever reason, more and more people are
refusing to participate in this sham exercise.
Perhaps, like the man who was fleeced one-too-
many times by side show sharpies who promised
wonders but delivered the ordinary, or whose
"solid-gold" watches left green stains upon the
wrist, more of our neighbors have managed to
transcend their innocence.