Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Message for the Borg

Bohm believed that the general tendency for
individuals, nations, races, social groups, etc.,
to see one another as fundamentally different and
separate was a major source of conflict in the

So far, so good.

Then he misses the target by a mile...
It was his hope that one day people would
come to recognize the essential interrelatedness
of all things and would join together to build a
more holistic and harmonious world. What better
tribute to David Bohm's life and work than to
take this message to heart and make the ideal of
universal brotherhood the keynote of our lives.

...join together?

Here's what his universal brotherhood will probably
look like.

How will a bigger group solve the problem he's

We're going to have to come apart before we can
come together again. This will probably require a
Dark Age to rid the planet of the group mind-fuck,
the cause of this Dark Age.

A harmonious world requires far more tolerance
given to individuals just minding their own
business than is evident.